Vacuum Forming – Plastics


Vacuum Forming Acrylic

Vacuum forming enables you to get that perfect shape using one piece of plastic. Vacuum forming (Thermoforming) is accomplished through heating Acrylic or Polyethylene to a specific temperature that allows it to conform to the shape you require. Forming your plastics around a mold will give you the perfect fit every time. Thermoforming or Vacuum forming is great for creating custom acrylic prototypes or mass for mass production.

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Plastic Fabrication

Offering effective Plastic Fabrication designs & solutions we provide one-off sample units to meet your Point-Of-Sale or Plastic Fabrication requirements and infinite applications.

  • 3D CNC machines
  • POS Displays
  • Signage
  • Line Bending
  • Guarding
  • Edge treatments


Point-Of-Sale Display

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