Injection Moulding Plastics


Injection moulding consist of first creating a prototype of your product. Once this is complete a mould of your prototype is taken and used as the basis for your final products. The machine then uses this mould to inject molten acrylic plastic into the mould, letting it cool to harden. Once the plastic inside the mould has hardened, the mould is released allowing the final plastic product to separate from the mould.

Acrylic Plastic & Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a great way to create a complex custom plastic designed product that is not made using separate plastic components. When you make your product out of 1 piece of acrylic, it allows you to get the design that you are looking for without lengthy manufacuring hours or potentially weak joints and angles. Injection moulding also gives you the benefits of mass producing your product, enabling you to get your product to your customers quicker.

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Plastic Fabrication

Offering effective Plastic Fabrication designs & solutions we provide one-off sample units to meet your Point-Of-Sale or Plastic Fabrication requirements and infinite applications.

  • 3D CNC machines
  • POS Displays
  • Signage
  • Line Bending
  • Guarding
  • Edge treatments


Point-Of-Sale Display

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